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Last week we had great time at IAAC rooftop taking aerial footage and 3D Scanning of AQUAPONIC PAVILION of OTF Program at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) by Drone as a part of research project NERO | Networking Environmental Robotics. The rooftop of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia became a documentary set. The Open Thesis Fabrication (OTF) Aquaponic Pavilion will be featured in Documentary “Sur Les Toits des Villes” – On City Rooftops – is a series of five documentaries that will take people over the roofs of Barcelona, Paris, New York City, Buenos Aires and Tokyo, showcasing different ways to make smart use of the city rooftops, broadcasted by the cultural TV channel Arte. Laurent Martein – writer and chief production journalist at Gedeon Programmes – with the help of the local producer Txell Bonet selected twelve stories and locations bringing together architectureartnaturetradition and innovation and expressing Barcelona‘s unique identity.

This Pavilion is the prototype of a new form of urban agriculture based on aquaponics: a symbiotic system where breeding fishes is combined with the soilless cultivation of plants and vegetables.

Along with the filming troupe, We started the aerial robotic 3D scanning of the wooden shell. This step will be the base of the further development of the project, with the installation of a responsive skin and the aquaponic system. We also help them to get some aerial footage with our new developed NERO Drone.


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