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BARCELONA   12/02 – 14/02/2016 

NOUMENA, in collaboration with IAAC | GREEN FABLAB, presents: NERO | networking environmental robotics workshop. The course will be structured in multiple phases, generating a dynamic workflow from digital to analog and vice versa to offer a firsthand experience with aerial robotics, data mapping and data visualization. Aim of the workshop is to create a theoretical and experimental framework, based on open-source tools, with the scope of extracting data from the air to better understand the environment and inform design strategies. Main tool of the course will be NERO, an open-source drone developed by NOUMENA and already presented in several international events and exhibitions such as Fab10Maker Faire Rome, and Beyond Building Barcelona/Construmat. NERO is a project developed in a collaborative manner, pursuing several applications through computation and coding turning a basic drone into a multidisciplinary and professional tool.

The whole workshop is divided in different phases through which participants will develop several skills, mainly focused on DATA. First phase of the workshop is about an Introduction to computational tools for data management, followed by programming and updating the firmware to prepare the drone for its first fly.

In the second phase of the workshop, students will learn about all correlated software and hardware to fly and measure data.  We will explore different strategies for autonomous flight using open source software based on gps coordinates and waypoints. This phase involves different devices; mapping the terrain via near-infrared filtered camera and sense the environment by Smart Citizen board to collect other environmental data such as temperature, humidity, noise, co2, etc.

In the last phase of the course, participants will embrace computational techniques, learning how to organize and visualize data, generating environmental 3Dimensional maps, elaborating these maps and database as a resourceful informative documents to it’s natural and social context.

For more information visit here; NERO | MAPPING

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