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NERO | Maker Faire Rome 2015

During 16th to 19th of October 2015, Noumena has been invited to exhibit NERO | Networking Environmental Robotics along with the exhibition of Selected Entries of the RESHAPE15 | Wearable Technology Competition and Award Ceremony event at Maker Faire Rome.

NERO project was showcased in Pavilion N amongst the drone project of GoogleX and different warble tech projects by Microsoft, IBM and Wave 4U. Particularly this pavilion N was for projects about data driven technologies, which improve our experience in the environment in which we are immersed.

Talking about Innovation in technology, NERO project is all about translating environmental condition into data, it got really good response from visitors and other makers by the presentation of NDVI data extracted from environment and transformed into Augmented reality visualization.

During the third edition of the Maker Faire, amongst the other drone projects, NERO has been published by the tech blog LA STAMPA. This event considered to be the biggest Maker Faire as there were more then 600 different makers and designers exhibiting their projects, which was overwhelmed by almost 100,000 visitors, giving a lot of exposure to the innovations and vice versa.

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NERO | Maker Faire Rome 2015